Consulting Professionals

IPS Consulting Group, for more than 10 years, has been supporting Professionals who wish to increase their business through the targeted increase in the number of clients acquired and the prestige of their Firm. We will provide Professionals with a strategy modeled according to their needs, providing them with all the tools useful for the development of their Image and Professional Activity even in new markets.
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Tailored Consultations

After a detailed analysis of the Professional Activity (area of specialization, market in which it operates, current turnover), a complete business plan will be drawn up in synergy with the specialized professionals of our team. It will also provide for the “construction” of the “Brand Identity” and the “rebuild” of the website; It will be evaluated the need for an architectural redesign of the Studio, aiming at the creation of elegant and comfortable environments such as to convey to the client a winning and successful image; It will be set up a perfect “Customer Care” to make sure that the client always remains satisfied from the first meeting. New outlet markets will be identified and a financial plan will be drawn up in cooperation with our consultants to assess the increase in turnover over 3 and 5 years.


Business Plan

Drawing up a Business Plan is nowadays the indispensable tool for defining goals and understanding the degree of feasibility and profitability of one’s professional/business development idea and consequently for evaluating its effectiveness. We will proceed with the study of critical points and their solution, as well as the objectives to be set and their feasibility;
We will analyze the current market and the possible activation of the Firm’s activities also in foreign markets;
We will make a financial analysis of the current and future catchment areas, the necessary investments and the achievable increase in turnover. We will prepare a legislative, fiscal and tax assessment of these markets.


Customer Care

Customer service is crucial to the success of a Professional’s business, but not everyone conceives of it in the same way, nor does it share the same quality standards.
IPS Consulting Group works to elevate the services offered by the firm to the highest level of quality in order to give clients the serenity of a dedicated welcome and the confidence that they have made the right choice.
The client will be put at ease in a rewarding environment that conveys the qualities of the Professional to whom he or she has turned. From the very first meeting, friendliness and smiles will always come first, with the aim of ensuring that as much loyalty as possible is achieved.
Our experts will also deliver short training courses to the reception staff (receptionists, associates, assistants, etc…) in order to achieve the set standards.


Digital Innovation

In a highly competitive period such as the one we are experiencing, very easily the Professional, heavily involved in His work, is unable to foresee the changes in digital information and how important they are. That is why it is necessary to rely on specialized consultants. IPS Consulting Group offers innovative, highly professional consulting services designed to develop a high-performing and successful online presence.
In collaboration with a leading company of IT experts, we create and implement state-of-the-art web platforms (Websites, Android and Ios Apps, enterprise CRMs) integrated with all the tools necessary for the complete management of the company.
We offer 360-degree consulting: from improving visibility to generating new target contacts through the most suitable social media, from brand optimization to online positioning through the main SEO techniques.
Through the study of the market and the definition of strategic, organizational and financial objectives, we take the Professional’s activity to the highest level, pursuing and achieving the set business goals.

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