Internationalization represents one of the most important challenges for the business system.

IPS Consulting Group offers solutions and ideas to connect with your future business partners and position yourself in the best possible way on foreign markets.

Creating Value

Internationalization represents a development opportunity through which the company can create added value by extending its competitive advantage.

With access to new opportunities in foreign countries, new unexpected commercial horizons will open up, it will be possible to obtain a substantial increase in turnover and at the same time recover the investments made, thus being able to reach the set goals.

The creation or transfer of a business abroad often discourages the entrepreneur for several reasons: from the difficulty of finding reliable business partners to language barriers, from cultural differences to lack of knowledge relating to the tax, bureaucratic and legal sectors.

IPS Consulting Group develops projects modeled according to the needs expressed by customers

and to what the new country imposes on us, preparing tailor-made solutions based on their size, their target and their history.

IPS Consulting Group is your ideal partner to support you in the various steps of the internationalization process of your company.



the first step of our process will be to carry out a preliminary consultancy during which we will get to know the customer, his idea / business activity, all the positive factors that can make the expansion project successful and the possible perspectives and opportunities to be seize on new markets. We will study the distinctive elements of the offer that differentiate our client from the competition, the extent of the investment aimed at foreign markets and the identification of possible synergies in the event of a partnership.



In the second step we will evaluate the results of this analysis using a multidisciplinary team that will carry out a legal, fiscal and market analysis necessary to determine the feasibility of the project, the critical issues, the case studies depending on the sector of interest. It will be our responsibility to draw up a business plan that can clarify to the customer what the business prospects will be in the future 5 years. We will plan an adaptation of the company organization consistent with the internationalization process, investing in training, in the development of information and reporting systems to have resources with adequate skills in order to foster cooperation between all areas of the company.



Finally, we will guarantee support in the search for industrial, financial or commercial partners in the country chosen for the investment, also through the provision of networking tools.      
Thanks to our experts we will allow a correct implementation of activities abroad, offering support to administrative, accounting and tax management also through the qualified and reliable collaboration of local professionals.