Customer Care

Retail requires particular attention on the part of the salesman in welcoming the customer, following him with great care and making the sale. In more complex forms of retail such as large retail chains with hundreds or thousands of retail stores in sectors such as automotive, electronic equipment, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, assisted sales by a good salesperson is essential to complete a single sale.

More and more frequently, in order to know the quality of the sales service in stores, the company’s social media and apps are used, or the opinion of customers is requested via mailing or SMS. 

These are valid tools to know the average level of customer care of each store (without excluding that some opinions can be distorted by a particular type of “haters” or extremely arrogant customers), but in any case we could never know if there is and who is the possible negligent clerk or seller.

Customer Experience


Sometimes it is enough for a single seller to do his job badly to lose capital many times higher than his salary, thus nullifying not only his presence but causing serious damage to the company, in terms of financial and image. We can therefore imagine what it means to multiply the damage done to each seller who does not work well in a structure that has hundreds of points of sale: millionaire losses are easily achieved.

Our goal therefore is to drastically reduce the economic losses caused by negligent salespeople and salespeople.

We will make sure of the quality of their services, how much care they dedicate to their customers and how much love they place in their work.

What we offer

Through contracts of three, six or twelve months, depending on the number of points of sale that make up the chain of stores, we will test the quality of the Customer Care offered by the sales staff of each store.

With periodic incognito visits, we will be able to check the care and passion that each seller will put in serving customers, and to identify the staff who, with rude behavior or not attentive to the customer’s needs, do not implement all those procedures necessary for the success of the sale and the satisfaction of the customer who, we remember, always comes first.